About Us

Adv. Anjali Zarkar is law graduate from ILS Law College, Pune  and one of the Civil/Corporate Lawyer practising at Pune & Baramati district court as well as Mumbai high court. Her practising areas are Conveyancing, Banking Laws, Corporate Laws as well as Civil & Criminal Litigation. She has successfully  conducted  various matters related to Family laws, Domestic violence, Property laws, Banking laws, Consumer law, Corporate laws etc. She is also practising at Consumer Forums & Debt Recovery Tribunals.

She has done many presentations on legal and financial topics for different entities. She regularly writes in magazines and periodicals. Currently Anjali is working as an independent legal practitioner & consultant for many MNC’s. As of today internet is unanimously the biggest medium & strongest platform to reach out at the larger mass; she has taken an initiative for creating arthvidhi in order to let people understand their social, financial & legal rights in a better way.

(Disclaimer:- Above information is given only for the purpose to reveal the identity of website owner This is solely for the knowledge purpose and does not solicit any kind of advertisement. Readers who reads this website are encouraged and advised to take legal opinion of their respective advocates before proceeding further)