What is Indian Contract Act Part-1

By |October 24th, 2018|

In the commercial and corporate laws in India the Indian contract act is one of the oldest and essentially operating law throughout the centaury in the monetary, commercial and property transactions. Section 1-75 Provisions related to contract. Section 76-123 Provisions related to “Sale of Goods Act” Section 124-147 Provisions related to “Indemnity and Guarantee” Section 148-181 Provisions related to “Bailment and Pledge” Section 182-238 provisions related to “Agency” Section 239-266 Provisions related to “Partnership Act” Section 1 to 75 contains the general principles related to the contract. As per the Indian Contract Act,1872, a "contract" is an agreement enforceable by law. The agreements which are not enforceable by law are not contracts. An "agreement" means 'a promise or a set of promises' forming consideration for each other. And a promise arises when a proposal is accepted. By implication, an agreement is an accepted proposal. In other words, an agreement consists of an 'offer' and its 'acceptance'.

Complete information about MH Law CET exam

By |March 17th, 2018|

It’s mid of March and chase has been started all over from India to be enrolled for coaching centers to clear the Law CET but many students are baffled as to what is the span and scope of this CET. What are the subjects? How to prepare for it? Is there any coaching center available which can provide good coaching for CET and so on. I already wrote down extensive article about how to do your LL.B. in India guide but after that  I got many messages till today about inquiring MH-CET for law and it’s procedure. Frankly speaking myself as a practicing lawyer is not 100% accustomed with this entrance trend but when I searched on net I did not get clear idea as the information is spread in pieces. Info is lagging and incomplete on many websites. Got a little idea what layman and career aspirants must have going through in absence of accurate information about the same. This was my urge behind writing this pillar article. I Will try to cover the information about Law CET in Maharashtra and it’s scope in this article.
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    How to write a legal resume to bag a place in Company and Law firm

How to write a legal resume to bag a place in Company and Law firm

By |November 20th, 2017|

Your curriculum vite/ your CV is your complete reflection as you are not visible to every recruiter he or she can learn about you from your CV. That is why a well-crafted resume always helps to bag a place at your dream company or firm. When I was in law College I too had very little knowledge about making resume for applying legal internships or job. We had placement cell at our college and participant students had an opportunity to prepare their resume under the professional guidance and according to the market trend. Me of course being away from all those events wasn’t conscious about it all. The common mistake students do that they always neglect and take it easy when it comes to do things professionally. Call it their fear or call it their complex but being shy away or not taking any lead ultimately delays the further progress.

Your complete guide to LL.B. in India

By |November 12th, 2017|

Being a lawyer is not the destination. It’s journey. It’s lifetime journey and if you are a person with the mind set of a voyager you are most welcome. It takes years of time, hard work, passion and burning desire to be compatible in legal field. Well this is equally true about any industry but still I say law is different. Talking about law it is the field of intelligentsia. Here you are totally  living your life upon your intelligence, your knowledge, your experience & your common sense. That’s why it is said that “Advocacy is the only profession which do not require anything but the capital of your mind!”