There is famous play written by popular playwright Pralhad Keshav Atre known as “To Mi Navhech” ( I am not what you think) in the year 1962 The play was based on real story of a fraudster named Madhav Kazi who deceived many unmarried women by portraying himself  as an eligible bachelor.  It was famous criminal case in Maharashtra in early 60’s therefore P.K. Atre took an opportunity to bring the real story in form of drama on stage. The play was biggest hit of all time. The main character in the play is named with an imaginary name of “Lakhoba Lokhande” as it was not possible to mention the real name of culprit. There is dialogue which Atre placed in the mouth of  this character where he says

“These women may wander hours and hours just for buying a sleeper but when it comes to marriage they never think for a second to whom they are approaching? What is the caste, race, religion, nature of the proposed groom? What about the parents of these educated cultured girls? Don’t they have a check to whom their daughter is going to marry?”

The dialogue used to get thunderous applaud at every show. Displaying the mentality of society that how a woman is more or less responsible if she is getting cheated by a man under the name of marriage.   

As the play was based on story and these real stories are still continuing in society where many fraudsters cheating the women under the veil of “eligible bachelor” from online marriage platforms.

            In January 2016 Hyderabad police arrested a man named “Tanmay Goswami” from Mumbai. It was an allegation by police that this person used to create online marriage profiles at various marriage portals. His targets were fixed. Young women in their late 30, independently working and having well paid jobs, living alone from their parents and who are in search of appropriate groom for themselves. For Goswami every marriageable woman was just a bait. He made decent profile stating he is Bengaluru based IRS (Indian Revenue Service-Officer) working at Central board of direct taxes of Indian Government serving as Deputy Commissioner. He falsely portrayed how he belongs to rich and cultured family. As he was Bengali he targeted Bengali single women across the India. In reality he was not even a graduate person was jobless having a wife and child at Kolkata. He used to send requests to appropriate female profiles veiling himself as an eligible for marriage. His next step used to be acquiring trust of woman spending quality time with her and mesmerizing her by his excellent flirting skills. In the last part of the execution of his plan to deceive the women for money he used to give pretext that he has been suspended from his job because of political pressure and now he needs money to get back his job. Kudos to his communication skill as he had given similar reason in each case and every time he succeed!

The production of these kind of fraudsters are still going on from years may be because women do provide raw material in form of an emotional naïf helping them to emerge.

As an online portals are rising like mushrooms the matrimonial frauds are in full swing. Most of the profiles uploaded here are fake. There is no system of verification whether the person is stating truth about his professional qualifications and personal life. Anyone can open an account on these sites and can chase women with malicious motive. Many of them open fake account and target the desired women. Contacting them and promoting friendship, acquiring their trust is the regular pattern implemented by these  Casanovas. They usually start their demands from small amount like mobile recharge which later  grows into medium to big amount of money over a period of time. The bank account details, salary information, vital investment whereabouts of a girl is taken in between the meetings by them. Unknown to these tactic a woman simply nods to their move thinking about her future marital prospectus. One fine day girl get a call to transfer money on a pretext and once she did that having an impression in mind that it will be returned in time suddenly the profile of her future husband from matrimonial portal vanish off in the air, mobiles number goes out of reach and that prospective groom disappears with huge chunk of her hard earned money.

Even if sometimes this is not the case of money many married men put their profile as an eligible bachelor and fool around a girl. They take down her advantage exploit her and then simply turned their back.

Phone numbers given on these matrimonial sites are easily accessible. Incidents like taking the numbers of female, harassing them from calling unknown numbers, sending them porn video on their whats app numbers increasing day by day.  

Pune city police alone registered more than 150 complaints in the year of 2016-17 & 2017-18 regarding matrimonial frauds. As per as legal procedure is concern it will be carried away at its convenient time but the wasted time, money and life always hit back at a woman who gave her everything for all the delusion. Society may ask her every time that it is all her fault. She did not cross check. She did not take any preventive measures. She fled away in emotions as it is her inborn nature. I may not agree here.  In India marriage of a girl child is always have an emergency like situation. The imaginary nose which symbolizes the higher status of a family in the society is always depend on whether the girls in that family are married in time or not. Again there is no such right time is prescribed for a marriage as many parents want their daughter to get married at the earliest of her age. Therefore this so called logical and wiser society need to answer some simple question in this regard.

Is it not true that many times girl is forced to marry with guy without her consent just for the sake of society?

Is it not true that the education of girl child always interrupted for marriage?

Is it not true that many times marriages performed even after knowing notorious background of a groom under the imaginary fear of “who will marry the girl if she became too aged?”

Is not true that parents make haste to arrange the marriage neglecting the suspicious activities of groom?

Most of the above question do carry positive answers. The important reason for these continuous marriage fraud lies in reality where the background of a groom never have any serious cross check owing the burden of society for getting married.

Therefore there must be a safeguard before any girl put her profile on matrimonial site.

  1. Never share your whats app number or the phone number which is linked to your bank accounts to these matrimonial sites.
  2. It should be mandatory to give verification about education, job, salary and address by both the parties on any matrimonial site (Unfortunately it is not the case today.)
  3. If someone approach you share his details with your family.
  4. If the prospective groom is not giving you any details about his family or after formal meetings there is no trace of any senior person from his family it is suspicious thing to be verified.
  5. Do not share your pictures, videos with any person during chats.
  6. Never ever pay any heed to the demand of money whether it is smallest amount or the biggest one. Never fall for any prey.
  7. Do not transfer any many if other person is saying he has urgent need of any money because of burden he is facing in his job or because of some emergency case of hospitalization in his family. Nobody can demand help on the basis of few days relationship
  8. Do not share the details of your bank account, salary, investments and other financial information.
  9. If you are going to meet any prospective groom you found on matrimonial site take your family into confidence before meeting him.
  10. Always meet a person in public places.
  11. Do not hide your meetings from your parents and elderly people in the house

What legal actions could be taken about matrimonial frauds?

If you are facing any issue regarding matrimonial frauds sited above you can register a complaint at your nearest police station for cheating. You can also raise a complaint at the cyber cell located at every tehsil as well as district. Take follow up of your complaint. Many times girls and their family keep mum about these kind of fraudsters and that gives them moral boost to do more of such immoral activities. Please do not transfer any money even though that yet to be husband is nagging behind you. If you find any suspicious activity alert the nearest police station as well as matrimony authority about the same.

  • Adv. Anjali Zarkar
  • email.
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